Every person in the modern world is familiar with Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD which is extracted from the cannabis plant and industrial hemp usually the Cannabis Sativa strain.

Every person who is contemplating starting this treatment and wants to buy CBD oil must ask a few questions as a precautionary measure. Listed below are questions you need to ask yourself or your doctor or the CBD oil manufacturer/seller before you purchase CBD oil.

Question 1. What extraction method was followed?

The extraction of the oil from the cannabis plant is lengthy and complicated. The high-pressure CO2 extraction is an organic process that doesn’t involve the addition of chemical solvents.

Companies tend to use harsh solvents like propane, butane, and ethanol to shorten the process of extraction and maximize their personal profits. These solvents can leave trace amounts of toxic residues that can have harmful effects on your body. Please beware of the quality of the product you are buying. 

Question 2. Is the consumption of CBD oil for medical purposes legal?

You should do thorough research on the federal and national laws in your country about CBD oil. Each state and country has distinct regulations relating to the production, sale, and purchase of cannabidiol products. Please consult with your physician regarding medical advice and CBD use

Question 3. What is the concentration of Cannabidiol in the product you are buying?

This a very crucial aspect of any CBD product. The concentration of cannabidiol must be of a set standard for you to achieve maximum benefits from the product. Instead of focusing on click-bait offers from manufacturers, pay extra attention to the CBD concentration in the oil. The standard concentration of CBD in high-quality oil sho