Axis Hemp Company is deeply rooted in the industry. Beginning in 2014, we sought out alternative medicine for a dear family member. On our quest to find relief for our loved one, we entered into the cannabis community here in Phoenix, Arizona.

We participated in the structuring and growth of the second awarded cannabis kitchen in our state. We then made the transition to the hemp side of the industry as we saw the opportunity to assist people and pets with hemp products. We strive to create harmony for people and pets!


  • Dosing experts who assisted in creating the dosing regulations for Coconino County.

  • Assisted with administering to the youngest MMJ patient in AZ.

  • Extensive cannabis and hemp related knowledge from our cannabis ventures.

  • Hemp formulations since 2014 (when Hemp wasn’t cool.)

  • Diehard animal people…seriously. We have 7 total.


  • The main stem or central part of a plant.

  • Center around which something rotates.

  • An alliance of everyone.

  • Symmetry.


  • Provide quality products that provide people & pets with a better quality life.

  • 3rd Party Lab Tested.

  • Human Grade.

  • Small Batch.

  • Made in The USA.

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