CBD Dosage: Do you know how much CBD you should take?

Introducing CBD into your regimen should be a gradual one, basing the dosage on your weight. Every 10 pounds = 1mg of CBD. i.e.150 Ibs = 15mg daily. The dosage may vary depending upon personal tolerance and or personal circumstances. Adjust the dosage up or down depending upon the severity of your present circumstances.

One dropper full= 1ml. If your daily suggested dose for mild circumstances is 15mg:

150mg/30ml= 5mg of cbd per dropper=  3 droppers full

300mg/30ml= 10mg of cbd per dropper= 1.5 droppers full

500mg/60ml= 8.33mg of cbd per dropper= approximately 2 droppers full

1000mg/30ml= 33.33mg of cbd per dropper= approximately .5 droppers full

1000mg/60ml= 16.67mg of cbd per dropper=  approximately 1 dropper full

CBD Dosage Recommendations:

  • Begin dosing based upon your weight.
  • Begin taking the products in the evening to evaluate your personal response to the CBD.
  • split the dose and take twice a day once you have established how your body reacts.
  • Consult with your physician.
  • Consult with your CBD subject matter expert to adjust your CBD dosage up or down to achieve your desired result.

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