Who can I contact about additional questions or concerns?2019-03-08T14:25:14-07:00
How long will it take until I receive my order?2019-03-08T13:49:01-07:00

We will ship your order by the next business day.

What makes Axis Hemp Company different from other CBD stores?2019-04-05T08:46:41-07:00
  • We use simple, non-GMO, natural, & organic ingredients.
  • All products are processed with care to ensure the quality and safety of our customers.
  • Small batch CBD for consistency.
  • Third party lab tested.
  • Female owned, family oriented company.
What other ingredients are in your CBD?2019-03-08T14:42:31-07:00

Our CBD is 99.9% pure sourced Isolate and broad spectrum. Lab Tested by source and us to ensure quality.

When do your products expire?2019-03-08T14:00:55-07:00
  • The Pet Treats have a shelf life of 6 months from the date made and 1 year if frozen in airtight container.
  • Our Tinctures are shelf stable for 2 years from the batch date if stored in a cool dark place.
How do I consume CBD?2019-04-05T08:49:08-07:00
What is CBD?2019-04-05T08:54:38-07:00

CBD (Cannabidiol):  a compound found in industrial hemp and cannabis. Other compounds found are THC, CBN, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Visit our page Hemp 101.

Can I purchase your products in a store?2019-02-26T18:53:38-07:00

You can purchase our products online, email us at Orders@axishempcompany.com, or call us directly at (602) 881-2609 to place an order.

How do I know how much CBD myself or my pet should take?2019-04-05T08:57:17-07:00

All mammals will begin with an introductory dose of 1mg per 10 pounds.

Pet Dose Calculator: https://axishempcompany.com/dog-cat-tincture-dosage-calculator/

People Dose Calculator: