How to make a New Year's Resolution
(And Keep It)

New Year's Resolution with Axis

Every year, millions of people promise to make a change as they ring in the New Year. It may be losing weight, quitting smoking, giving up a bad habit, or a promise to go to the gym more. And a lot of the time, they are the same resolutions we had the last year that we didn’t stick to.

So how do you go about making a New Year’s resolution and sticking with it? Here are a few tips to help you set a goal, stay the course, and create long-lasting, positive change in your life:

Choose the Right Resolution

One of the biggest reasons people are unable to keep their resolution is because they choose something too large. When making a resolution, you want to choose a goal that is not only obtainable but reasonable as well.

For example, setting a goal to give up all sugary snacks entirely is probably too difficult to stick to. Instead, consider only giving up snacks and soda once per week or replacing high-calorie junk food with CBD mints. Trying to jump into a huge goal too quickly often results in burnout and is the reason we give up after just a few weeks (or even days).

Make Your Goals Specific

When you set your goals, you need to be specific. This gives you a measurable goal that you can keep track of throughout the year. Instead of simply saying “I am going to lose weight”, you could set a goal to lose 25 pounds by the end of the year.

You can also break your resolution up into smaller steps. If you want to quit smoking, for example, you can set a goal to cut back on 1 cigarette per day the first week, 2 the second, and so on. That way you aren’t jumping in too quickly.

Let Other People Know About Your Resolution

Sometimes we need a little outside motivation to keep us focused on our goals. Telling people about your resolution is a great way to add accountability. If you keep your resolution to yourself, the only person that is ever going to remind you about it is you. By telling friends or family, they will ask you about your resolution throughout the year which is a great way to stay motivated and reminded about your goals.

Reward Yourself Along the Way

It is important that you recognize when you reach milestones toward your goal. If your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym more often, reward yourself when you manage a full month of regular attendance. This can help you stay motivated and give you a reason to keep going forward.

Just be careful not to reward yourself with risky items. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t go overboard with risky rewards like an extra cheat day. Self-care products like hemp skincare cream are a great way to celebrate and take care of yourself at the same time.

Remember It’s OK to Mess Up

Most importantly, realize one slip is not the end of the world. There will be weeks that you don’t lose much weight (or even put on half a pound), there will be times when you miss the gym or spend money out of savings. That’s perfectly OK. A small set back does not mean you should give up your resolution; look at it as an opportunity to start new.

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