Pets & Fireworks: What to do

Just like humans, pets also have a fight or flight response. When an unexpected loud noise occurs, pets perceive those loud noises or fireworks as a direct threat. Some pet owners have a difficult time around the holidays because it is such an unpleasant experience for their beloved pets. Many people seek relief for their animals during New Year’s & 4th of July. So what can pet owners do to help their pets?

Pets & Fireworks – Try These Tips:

  1. Safety First! Create a safe space for your pet preferably inside where the noise does not spook them and cause them to try to escape and hurt themselves. Remove anything you may think may cause injury to them in this space. Make sure your pet is wearing the proper identification tags.
  2. Close all windows and doors in order to keep out as much sound as possible while the fireworks or loud noises are happening.
  3. Distract your pet while the noises occur and act as if the fireworks do not exist.
  4. Play other sounds while loud noises occur.
  5. Use natural supplements to aid in calming your pet. Find out more about CBD for pets.