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Taz’s Fur Mama reached out to us online to see if she could actually make a difference with Taz because he had some issues with not feeling so well. After various visits to different Vets, seeking relief for him, they made the decision to try CBD to see if this could get him with relief for his various issues.  His Pawrent’s have done everything they could to keep this guy going and are truly dedicated to his care! Hats off to them for doing all they can to keep him going and choosing Axis to assist! We appreciate you and we love Taz!

“Our Taz was diagnosed with stomach cancer more than a year ago. We met with Axis Hemp Company and started Taz on their products. I should mention that Taz was constantly throwing up everything that he ate. We were forced to feed him about a ¼ cup of food every 3 hours. He lost almost 16 pounds before the CBD. Here we are a year later, Taz is still with us, he gained back about 12 of the 16 pounds and is eating the same amount of food that our other dogs get at feeding time.”
Melissa G- Laveen, AZ


“I have only been using the tincture about 2 weeks and the pains that i have been feeling for close to 8 months are SIGNIFICANTLY reduced!!! Thank You SO much for putting me on the right track!!! FRIENDFOREVER!”

– Rob, Mesa Arizona


“I didn’t believe in the CBD oil because I had ordered some online and it didn’t do anything. I was taking 4 morphine pills a day for back pain. I started on the Axis Hemp oil and couldn’t believe the difference. I don’t hurt as bad and am down to two pills a day and trying to cut that down.
I never thought I would say this, but I BELIEVE in the Axis Hemp tincture and would RECOMMEND it to others.”

Ronald C. – Avondale, Arizona


“We have 3 of our dogs using Axis CBD oil. Their issues range from a diagnosis of stomach cancer, to anxiety and allergies, to joint pain. The results have amazed us.
I am also using it for my arthritis and have been virtually pain free since I started using it. I do not work for Axis but I will not recommend any other CBD to my family and friends!”

Steve G. – Arizona


“Our dog Cookie was very aggressive since her eye surgery. We put her on CBD oil and now see a positive difference! Thank you!!”

K.R. – Phoenix, AZ


“I have been in pain for close to 9 years. The Pain radiates in my hands, arms, feet, legs and back. I deal with muscle spasms, weakness, numbness and tingling which brings on chronic fatigue. I started taking my cbd oil on July 25th. The results for helping with pain were immediate but the biggest surprise was the increase in energy. Within two weeks I was building my bookcase that I had thought about for close to two years. Then I built bathroom shelving a few days later. I am now unstoppable. I am so grateful to have found Axis and their high quality product.”

Heidi M. – NC

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