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Taz’s Fur Mama reached out to us online to see if she could actually make a difference with Taz because he had some issues with not feeling so well. After various visits to different Vets, seeking relief for him, they made the decision to try CBD to see if this could get him with relief for his various issues.  His Pawrent’s have done everything they could to keep this guy going and are truly dedicated to his care! Hats off to them for doing all they can to keep him going and choosing Axis to assist! We appreciate you and we love Taz!

“Taz is a different dog since we started working with Axis Hemp Company. He is playful and runs and he has never been a playful or energetic dog since we found him on the streets” Melissa G- Laveen, AZ


“I have only been using the tincture about 2 weeks and the pains that i have been feeling for close to 8 months are SIGNIFICANTLY reduced!!! Thank You SO much for putting me on the right track!!! FRIENDFOREVER!”

– Rob, Mesa Arizona


Emma’s Before Picture- We received a call from Emma’s fur mom about her rash that occurs several times a year and causes her to itch and get sores.  Her mom was concerned with the suggested treatment of this wound and contacted us for an alternative route. After a consultation we suggested that Emma start using our tinctures to assist with her condition.

This is Emma just 2 days after we started with tinctures

“She continues taking your tinctures and is getting better everyday.”

– Yolanda- Arizona


Our very good friend sent us a text and asked if we could do something for her beloved dog Bones because he just had his very first seizure.  We started him with our Pet tincture and within a day he was feeling better and more energetic.  Not only did we assist in this area but we also helped him with an old injury that Bones sustained when he was a pup that made him favor his hind left leg.  We loved getting a video from his Fur Mama showing him in the other room scratching his back and lifting his leg like it never had been hurt before. Glad you are feeling better, Mr. Bones! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

-Staci S. – Arizona

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