6 Tips for Trick-or-Treating
With Your Dog

trick-or-treating with your dog

Halloween is the time for spooky celebrations and trick-or-treating. It can be a fun holiday to spend with your family and friends. Ever wonder how your furry member can get into the fun? He can surely be a part of trick-or-treating as one big family walk night.

Is It Safe to Trick-or-Treat With Your Dog

It’s tempting to walk your dog while you trick and treat with the children. Well… Maybe. It’s going to take planning, training, patience, and consistency to bring your dog on a trick-or-treating mission.

Some dogs have a very friendly and social personality and they enjoy festivals and get-togethers. To some dogs, events like trick-or-treating can be stressful. 

If your dogs are sensitive and cannot handle inconsistent or variable routines, it’s better to keep them in a quiet room with calm music and their favorite toys. Otherwise, they may become anxious or aggressive during the trick-or-treating walk. Also, if your dog is not trained on leash and lacks basic obedience, he won’t be a good fit for such events. Leaving them home is a much safer option in such cases.

A well-trained and socialized dog is all set for such adventures and festivals. Be sure to bring all the necessities as you are going to take your dog out for the whole night. Just be conscious of your dog’s safety, enjoyment, and comfort.

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating With Your Dog Adventures

As a dog parent, you are responsible for taking good care of your dog during Halloween. Here are five cool safety tips for the trick-or-treating adventures to help you and your furry family member enjoy Halloween Eve:

  • Keep your dog on a leash

If your dog is joining you and your family for trick-or-treating, he must be well-trained to walk on a leash. Halloween is not the best night to leash train your dog.

Have your dog wear reflective tags or a vest or a LED light-up collar for visibility. You can also consider trying a harness if your pooch needs help walking on a leash.

  • Scoop the poop, Just in case!

Always be prepared! Dogs are like kids and they depend on us for everything. Your dog will be needing water, dog-friendly treats, and toys for the extended walk. Bring lots of poop baggies to clean up after him, just in case!

  • Get your dog used to the costume ahead of time

Dressing up your dog for Halloween is fun! You should be aware that not every dog is comfortable with funky costumes. If your dog is spooked by his costume, consider some alternative costume. 

You must ensure that dog costume is of the proper size and fits correctly. Make them used to the costume well ahead to Halloween. If the costume is causing them distress, it should be avoided.

  • Teach him “leave it” or “drop it”

Keep an eye on the treats including candies and chocolates. Don’t allow anyone, especially kids, to give candies to your dog. Be extra alert as there may be candies, candy wrappers, sharp toys, or pieces of costumes dropped on the ground.

Teach your dog “leave it” or “drop it” well before the trick-or-treating adventure. These training cues are important for your dog’s safety during Halloween.

Pro Tip: Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. You must ensure that your dog must not get any of it.

  • Bring along some dog treats

Take some healthy dog treats with you that your dog loves. Be patient with him and reward him on and off for being such a good dog.

  • Respect your dog’s preferences and don’t force him

If your dog seems unhappy, don’t force him to come along. Many dogs will become overly stressed out with spooky decorations, loud chaotic kids, and scary costumes. If he is uncomfortable, take him home and give him a dog-friendly treat. You can also consider giving dog-friendly CBD tinctures to make them feel relaxed.

Read more on how to calm an anxious dog.

You must keep a constant check on your dog’s behavior to make sure he’s not becoming aggressive or stressed.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it! Not all dogs are the same. So, what goes best for one breed may not work for the other. Some dogs are social and love interacting with people and children while for some, these activities and interactions are discomforting. 

Remember…. don’t force your furry pal to interact with other people and children on Halloween.

Have you enjoyed reading the article? Do you have any dog safety tips to add for the trick-or-treating adventures? Let us know in the comments. We would be happy to hear from you!

Have a happy Halloween!

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